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We started off 2019 with a Chilling Event! Kicking off the start of our new Season with our 19th Annual Freezin' for a Reason (Polar Bear Swim) What a great day! Turnout was bigger than last year and the fun times were ice-ing on the cake!

The Support alone from our community and local business just are mind boggling! We have some shout outs to make for sure!

Tyler, Zoe, Grant, Tim, Nicole, Kyle, Melissa. You are the reason for getting this off the ground and going! This was the crew behind the scenes making things happen, to safety and key members to make everything run smoothly. From the cutting of the hole, to the on ice helping hands.

Terri and Dale! Your my rocks! They helped keep us warm from the inside with Hot Chocolate and Coffee!

Shaun and Betty for suppling much needed gear to keep up organized as we could be, as well as a very heart felt Thank you specifically to the Williams Lake Log Hauler Association for helping us so much with their donation to the event.

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