2017 in Review

Can we say enough about 2017 to give it the proper justice? In February we started full time as the new Team, and we have been going full steam ahead since!

February we Out grew our venue in the first month!, We tripled our Skaters and applied to be part of the JRDA, March and April saw us getting down technique and basic skills. We picked up an amazing sponsor with Gatorade, and our Local Lions Club.

April we jumped right in an did our first Fundraiser! We smashed that too! And then we knew that we had a great Team started.

May we hit the Children's Festival and had an unbelievable time! The kids were out there being seen, Having Fun, enjoying the day!

June we buckled down and kept learning and skating, some of us managed to get down to the 5k Foam Fest and had a dirty, foamy, time. So much fun!!

July 7th, our world as we knew it changed. We received a City Wide Evacuation Order due to Wildfires in the very close vicinity. This was quite a set back for us, so we thought. We had Caribruisers all the way from Dawson Creek, to Victoria and stationed in every town and city in between.

We may have been spread out everywhere but one thing kept us together. Teamwork!!!

We were able to come back in August and we did!! No time to waste we held a Boot Camp! Back To S'cool, was beyond our dreams of what our team stands for. We had 23 Kids, 5 Adults, numerous volunteers get together with our Amazing Coaches (Sista and Skimo) . We Skated!! We didn't miss a crossover. We were back!!

Now we sit 4 months into our WInter Training. We got out to the Santa Parade, AND we have the 18th Annual Polar Bear Swim in less than 2 weeks...Guess Who is hosting it?? Did I mention yet the plan for 3 bouts, Travel, new sponsors, Bowl For Kids sake, and some Hard core levels for the team??

This is when you know you don't do this cause you can, its all heart. DERBY HEART AND LOVE


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